Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I stood where Hayden Christensen stood!!!

Well hello everybody!!! I bet you're all wondering what place I'm talking about in my title....guess you're gonna have to read to find out!!! :)

This past weekend I was able to explore more of Spain with my program.  On Saturday we visited Cordoba and the following day we went to Sevilla. 

Our first stop in Cordoba was to some ancient ruins called Medina Azahara.

Next we went into the city center where we had some free time. My friends and I spent this time wandering around the city.

After all that walking around, a few of us were a bit tired.  So naturally we had to get some ice cream to make us feel better!! While we were sitting, enjoying our ice cream, and waiting for the rest of our group to arrive, we saw a bunch of these people dressed in suits and ear pieces.  We were slightly confused as to what was going on.  So of course we kept craning our necks to see what all the fuss was about.  Then we see some guy getting into a car and waving.  My friend next to me turned and told me that that was the president of Spain.  Yeah.  That happened.  I saw the president of Spain. 
He's the guy with the glasses.
After this whole ordeal, we went into La Mezquita de Cordoba.
After this we headed to Sevilla to spend the night.  Sevilla reminds me a lot of Granada, but it a bit more colorful.  The next day we started our morning with free time.  So once again, my friends and I wondered the city.  We first went into la Catedral de Sevilla.

After this we stopped and got some Starbucks, because we can't go somewhere that has Starbucks and not get it.  Yes, I am aware I have a problem.  After we got our coffee, we wandered for a bit.  While wandering we saw this weird honeycomb thing. We literally had no idea what it was.  Then, earlier this week in my geography class my professor was talking about how much Spain has spent on certain architectural projects.  Then he pulled up this picture.  So I asked what it was's for shade.  They literally built this ginormous structure....for shade.  Really?  That's it?  I was expecting something grand and extravagant!  Sadly no.  Just shade.
When we had first walked to the cathedral we saw a Christmas market that was selling all types of Nativity scenes.  So naturally I wanted to go.  I was in Christmas heaven!! There was Christmas music everywhere and I just couldn't help but smile!! I ended up getting my first Nativity scene there!! :)  As we were looking at some of the shops, we saw some very interesting things.  So the shops had just individual people that you could buy.  They had to usual: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the 3 Kings, and such.  They also had two people that I have never seen in a Nativity scene.  A few stores had a man pooping, and other was peeing.  What?  Just....what?  Because when I think of a Nativity scene, that's exactly what I'm thinking should go in it.  Seriously.  Who puts that in there?!

After getting my Nativity scene, we went for some tapas where I had the worst salad of my life.  Literally.  Disgusting.  After free time we went to Real Alc├ízar. 
Next we went to Plaza de Espana. This, my dear readers, is where you find out the meaning of the title of this post.  Now here I was acting like a childish nerd.  Why?  Because a scene from Star Wars: Episode II was filmed here!!!  I literally kept walking around and telling my friends, "Hayden Christensen was here!!! He stood right here!!"  Then my friends and I decided to take some pictures of us being "Jedi."  Like I said, childish nerd.  :)
After visiting the plaza it was time to head home.  Both Cordoba and Sevilla are beautiful cities, and I definitely recommend visiting them, but after living in Granada for almost 3 months, Granada will always be my favorite city in Spain.


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