Thursday, September 12, 2013

The last 2 days.

Hola!!! Yesterday, September 11, wasn't very busy. We didn't have a meeting in the morning, so I slept in.  Which was really nice!  Before lunch, some friends and I decided we would go out and get phones.  Well, it turned out that pretty much every phone store was sold out of prepaid phones.  No bueno.  So, we decided to run some errands.  Their host mom told them about a good store to go to.  So we went there.  It ended up being this department store, that had a grocery store inside.  It was interesting.  It took us awhile to find it, but when we finally did, we couldn't find the entrance.  When we found it, the guy at the front of the store told us that we had to seal our bags (we went to a store beforehand).  To do this, we had to put our plastic bag in another plastic bag and seal is shut.  You could definitely tell we were new to it because we looked awkward trying to do it.  After lunch we had class.  Class went well again.  After class, a few of us went out for tapas.  This time, our tapas were clams.  I tried them, and they were very good!!! Me gusto!  For dinner we had san jacobo, which are really good, and French fries!  I decided to stay in for the night.  It was a good choice because I was out like a light at 11. (which is a big deal here)  :)

Today, September 12, was great!!! We had a quick meeting this morning.  After the meeting we went and got chocolate and churros.  Okay folks.  These are not your ordinary chocolate and churros.  This is a cup, like a coffee cup, filled with chocolate. Delicious, wonderful chocolate! And the churros, they're like 10 inches long.  Beautiful. Wonderful. Delicious. Soooo good!!!  After churros, my roommate and I shopped for a bit.  For lunch we had pasta, again. After lunch, we watch television with our host parents.  The show we watched was interesting. It was similar to Judge Judy, but it was a debate show.  So the people presented their case, then the audience talked about it, then the judge gave his ruling.  It was really funny to watch!! Later we had class.  Class was great today! My professor for the second hour and a half is hysterical!!  It really helps to make the class go back quick and to make studying fun.  After class we met our intercambio.  An intercambio is a student of the University of Granada.  They study and live in Granada.  It is one intercambio for 4 or 5 of us American students.  Our intercambio, Irene, is great! She wants to teach English eventually.  She is very patient with us, which is good cause I struggled a bit.  But I can definitely tell that my Spanish is getting better.  Even though I've been here for only 5 days, I feel like I am understanding more and can talk a bit better.  While I'm still not close to fluent, I am definitely more confident in my Spanish then when I left.  Whenever my group started talking in English, Irene stopped us and told us only English.  Being forced to speak Spanish is really helping me advance.  Tomorrow is another easy day.  And Saturday we're visiting Alhambra!

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  1. I'm literally screaming while reading these posts. I want to be there!! A few questions: how much spanish did you have before you went there?and Are you only taking 2 spanish classes there?