Sunday, September 15, 2013

What a beautiful, lazy day!

So today was exactly what the title of this post is: a beautiful, lazy day!  It was nice to be able to sleep in and not have to do anything.  Well, I did have to work on some school stuff for a bit, but it involved me walking outside, and it was a gorgeous day for a walk!  It was a fairly boring day, and then dinner happened.  This is the main reason for why I am writing tonight.  I was laughing so hard, I just had to share with everybody!

During dinner tonight we were watching the show American Pickers.  Now this show is a favorite in our household.  My mom, brother, and I all love it.  Why?  Because we love old things!! So I told my homestay parents that this is one of my moms favorite shows, so we kept watching it.  Almost every time the price was given of what was being bought, my homestay parents would say things like: "That's so expensive!"  My favorite though, was their comments towards some of the objects being bought: "What's the point of that?" "Who needs that?"  "Who would buy that?"  I couldn't help but laugh and answer the questions in my head: 1) It's old(ish), it looks cool, maybe somebody can find something on Pinterest to do with that; 2) everybody and nobody needs this crap; and 3) my mom would buy that...and that...and that...I'd buy that...maybe that...oh my mom would definitely buy that...maybe not that...

It was really interesting to hear their questions and comments about the show.  I know that when I watch it, I don't really see the stuff they buy as junk; they do.  I've grown up where little things like a rusty bike is considered old; whereas their idea of old are century old buildings.  We all have different definitions of things, what's old and what's not, and it's interesting to see what other definitions are.


  1. Love it! Was the show in Spanish? Did your parents give you funny looks when you said your mother would buy it? You are definitely right about our definition of old things and their definition of old things. Glad you had a good laugh!

  2. The show was in Spanish which was interesting. I didn't tell them you would buy it all. I figured I'd just keep our hoarding to myself. Hahaha.